April 10, 2011

Where Were We?

Umm, Where Were We again?
Oh yea! I know, I know, i'm super lagging with my blogposts. 
I'm really really sorry sweeties :{ 
Its just that i've been super super busy and tired these past few days and that i've never had a chance to meet up with my superfriends to take blog photos and stuffs. That's why it was hard enough for me to catch up with you, sweeties. Well,  just so you know, i'm still super dependent with my superfriends when it comes to blogging and pictorials. Its just that, I still don't know much. Pardon me. Really.

So yea, my boyfriend's 22nd birthday came and traditionally, 
we have spent it in a place called "Hac Sa" (Black Sand Beach, in english) to have some BBQs. Yes, he traditionally spends his birthday in Hac Sa over a BBQ Party. And that was since, uhh, even before we've met! True Story! 

And of course, as for me, Cristina, Carla and Chezka, it was also our chance to take photos for our blogs! We figured that it'll be cute to take pictures of our spring/summer outfits, as we were at the beach. Well, its a black sand beach, but still! Haha! I just can't wait till superfriends crashes Boracay! ♥


Oh, sorry bout the shoes. I know, it doesn't go well with the overall.
I really really wanted to wear wedges but sad me, I only own this pair! :{
I have to own a pair that'd suit spring/summer get-ups, right?

BTW, say hello to my fabulous superfriend, Cristina
whom i've already mentioned in my first blogpost ever.
And check out her new blog too! So yea, I just hope you like the photos. 
I'll try to talk to you soon. Pinky Promise. See you in a bit! 

What I'm Wearing:
Knitted Top - Local Store
Tube Top - Yellow
Bottom - Bershka
Shoes - MANA Shoes
Watch - Fossil
Earrings - China
Ring - Courtesy of Michelle Li

Important Note: This blog is not intended for the purpose of BRAGGING or anything related to that. If you feel like i'm bragging and stuff, just stop reading my blog. Lots of Love. 


Carla Violet said...

So lOvely Ami! Don't worry the shoes didnt ruin your outfit. You still look fab!!!

Love yah

Chezka said...

gurr, I like your outfit! Like swear! You look so pretty
And don't worry, the shoes match your outfit! Hugs and kisses, love

- che -


Eurica said...

Aww..Thanks sweeties! Love you both! ♥


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

oh wow that sweater, i am such a big fan of summer sweaters. this one rocks, love the color and the knit, just fabulous

Meekay said...

Great outfit!


Eurica said...

Thank you! Summer sweaters are just perfect for...well...uhh...Summer? I love them too! It's absolutely great for outdoors! ♥


Ivy Sie said...

gorgeous pictures!:D

Roxy Heart said...

Great photos!

Gabrielle said...

Loving the outfit!

Choiii said...

Lovely outfit :)
and hac sa? the one from macau? are you from macau? :)

Pithsala said...

That's a really pretty knitted top you're wearing!


The Fashion Writress said...

Beautiful shots, love the beach girly!

aliciafashionista said...

holy gorgeous photos!!!! knit top is amazing, you look so pretty!

Cristina said...

Thanks for featuring me on this post sistah!! I love super the knitted top.. looking "hot-kanarin"".. :))


Emma said...

beautiful photos you look really gorgeous

piapia said...

wow, i love the first pic! super gorgeous :) love the top too!

DediLovesFashion said...

love the top. great outfit.

Anonymous said...

Great photos!Lovely outfit!!!!!Kiss

Ivy Sie said...

followed back dear;))
thanks for your lovely comment btw<3

Jay Strut said...

love love love!!!

so much fun..


check out my blog to!!

[[ http://MODEMUSE.com ]]

AUDREY* said...

OMG! i love your photos~ :D

Eurica said...

Thanks everyone for your awesome comments. Glad you liked it. Lots of Love. ♥


H Rija said...

love the top and you look pretty!

Label me Addict said...

hey lets follow each other babe cause you have an awesome blog and i think i have one too???? ha ha joking let me know!!! tata thanks for the comments!!!!