March 24, 2011

The Dress Up Newbie

Yes! I'm a Dress Up Newbie.
I'm not exaggerating, but really, it's my first time ever to dress-up for a fashion pictorial! Well of course, it's not done professionally and I was super unprepared. I know, I know, i'm super two-thousand-and-late, since fashion blogging has been trending for a few years already. But hey, it's never too late right?

I was super happy that I joined my superfriends - Carla and Chezka with their fashion blog pictorial! At first, I was kinda hesitant coz I just got off from a long and crazy day at work and I was still wearing my working uniform. Plus, I also had to meet my boyfriend as soon as he gets off from work. Oh, just so you know, Yes! I do have a boyfriend. Anywho, since I still had a few hours till my boyfriend gets off from work, I decided to pay them first a visit at Carla's mom's Boutique and watch how they strike their poses for their gorgeous blog photos!

So there I went! After giving out hugs & kisses and exchanging "how are you's", all I had left to do was to sit down and watch them take off those cute clothes that they've just worn for the pictorial. Great! Too late, wasn't I? =.= I really thought that I totally missed their pictorial but good thing I dint! Instead, I was even convinced to pick up a few pieces of clothing from Carla, Chezka and the Boutique and try out my stiff and rusty style of posing. I mean, seriously! To tell you the truth, I'm not really comfortable with striking poses on a solo. IKR? But thanks so much to our experts - Carla and Chezka for being super patient and supportive on taking these photos and helping me strike my amateur poses! I swear, I couldn't have done it without you guys! Love ya both! 


What I'm Wearing:
Top - Carla's mom's Boutique
Bottom - Courtesy of Carla's mom's Boutique
Shoes - Courtesy of Carla
Ring - Courtesy of Chezka

So yea, those are the photos that I've picked from my first fashion pictorial ever! I do hope you appreciate them! Notice that everything i've worn on the photos are all borrowed? Well, except from the top which I just purchased on credit on that very moment. Thanks Carla! That's because I din't bring anything at all! Not even a ring! So thanks again to Carla and Chezka, and to the Boutique of course! I'll try to post more Dress Up photos soon and I promise to do better! Just give me some more time, okay sweeties? See you in a bit! 

Important Note: This blog is not intended for the purpose of BRAGGING or anything related to that. If you feel like i'm bragging and stuff, just stop reading my blog. Lots of Love. 


Roxy Heart said...

Cute photos and blog!
Thanks for your comment and follow!
I am following you too!

Cristina said...

Sistah!! Love the shots, the setting and the outfit (which reminds me of a similar top I purchased at a bargain price from Zara..remember? :)) Guess another piece added to our list of sistah-collectibles.. :) Yey! You're now a certified fashion model.. hehehe!!

Chezka said...

Eii gurr!!! love your outfit and this post!!

I wanted that freakin top!!! sweaaarrr~~~!!! But it's okay, at least you got it :))

Keep blogging my sweet eurica!!

- Che -

Carla Violet said...

Ami i'm glad you enjoyed the post!!! you look lovely!! Super like this post. Don't worry, we'll have more pictorials so you'll step out of "newbie" and step up to pro in no time!! hehe...

love ya

Eurica said...

Thank you all for your sweet compliments! I'm glad you liked it! I'll try to post more stuffs soon! I pinky promise! ♥


Emma said...

awesome boots, theyre funky

Sassi said...

wow, I really really really love your boots. they are incredible!

Eurica said...

I know! They're super hot right? I just wish they're mine! :))


Choiii said...

Love the boots and looking forward to see more of these in the future :)

Gabrielle said...

Love the blog miss! Great outfit! I'm following you now. See you soon :)

Veronica said...

Nice blog and outfit!:(
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do!
Thank you so much.

Eurica said...

Thanks for the support! Lots of Love! ♥