March 15, 2011

My Blogging Story

What I'm Wearing:
Maid of Honor Dress - Tailor Made (Philippines)

After generations of planning and rambling about how much i wanted to have my own blog, I finally-finally-finally got to have one! And yes, I had to repeat the word "finally" thrice. I know, I know! =.=

Way way back, I remember making a blog with a really really cheesy name. It dint really work for me though, coz I dint really have anything in mind, like what to post and stuffs. Speaking of, I don't even know if it still exists! And to be honest, I barely even remember what name I picked. Maybe it could've been something like, uhh, "yoyolovesyou" or "yoyoheartcore", or something as silly as that! Oh, just so you know, "yoyo", is in fact, one of my nicks. So yea...

Then I signed up for a Multiply account, which I managed to design and stuffs like that. It was abit better than my first blog just because I already know a few people who owns a Multiply account. So you know, we could view each other's posts and stuffs like that. But then I dint really find it interesting anymore so I kinda stopped logging in to that.

A couple of years ahead, I started to use tumblr because I wanted to track down my all-time fave band, PARAMOREI know, i'm such a groupie. But hey, they're super awesome! Though I heard from alot of people (and the band's brothers) that they're already disbanded! I don't wanna believe coz I've been their biggest fan for so many years and, *heavy sighs* Anywho, I actually made a few couple of posts on that tumblr page but then again I eventually got bored and tired with it. So yea, i'm sure you know what happened next.

But thanks to two of my superfriends - Carla & Chezka
coz after having fun reading their blogs, i finally-finally-finally decided to have my own blog too! Pardon me for repeating "finally" thrice, again! Check out their blogs, they're super super awesome! A BIG-BIG-BIG SHOUTOUT to both of them for giving me the idea of making my own blog and for being such inspirations, not only as fashion bloggers but as superawesome friends! Also to the rest of my superfriends - Cristina, Ivan, Camille, my sister Paola, and to my other awesome friends who are all so fashionable in their own ways, a SUPER BIG THANK YOU and I SUPER LOVE YOU!

So, this makes it my first blogpost ever! I know, I know, this is super boring but please bare with it for now coz to be honest, I still don't have anything in mind! But I pinky promise to post more stuffs soon! So yea, I'll see you in a bit? 
Important Note: This blog is not intended for the purpose of BRAGGING or anything related to that. If you feel like i'm bragging and stuff, just stop reading my blog. Lots of Love. 


Carla Violet said...

Awww so sweet!!! Thank you!!! And we love you!!! I am soooo following you already =) keep posting gurrr!

Love love love

Chezka said...

Wahoo!!! love your blog gurrr!! sooo pretty!!!! tee hee!!!

kitakits nalang :)